Conferencing Overview

Wigot Gardens is the ideal place where you can organize company meetings, board meetings & events. We have 3 conference rooms and 1 modern boardroom that is designed for the highest level of functionality for every meeting session.

If you can envision it we guarantee you we can create it. Allow our experienced team create a unique meeting experience your group will talk about for years to come.

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Kajulu Conference

The size of this conference room makes it easier to connect with people... this is by design. It's also located close to the main gardens where the breakout area is usually set. Get in touch and we will customize your meeting package to your needs and...

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Victoria Boardroom

Senior corporate meetings and private discussions can be accommodated in this tasteful private boardroom that is located below the executive suite and just next to the lush gardens. The serenity and peace of mind this location accords is meant to guarantee inspired minds among all...

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Executive Boadroom

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Akinyi Conference 1

This conference room has a capacity for 15 people on a U setup with easy access to the restaurant as well as a break out area conveniently located at the entrance of this conference room. As is the case with most of our conference packages, we do provide a highly customized package and setup...